Todo List

This is the proejct TODO list for E-GANTT:

The todo groups are currently:
  • Table Interaction
  • Table Editing
  • Diagram Display

Table Interaction

This section convers work that needs to be done on the GanttTable

Keyboard Scrolling

The user should be able to scroll left and right via the keyboard handling support.

Table Selection

Table Selection Should support selecting individual entries and not just rows.

Table Editing

Drag Handles

The table editing should show handles indicating where you can drag whilst editing is enabled

Resizing Percentage Entries

When resizing percentage entries the axis should be the extent of the interval to which the entry is contained.

Popup Menu [Implemented in E-GANTT 0.4.9]

Clicking on a popup menu should identify which value in which cell is currently under the pointer. This is going to be very difficult a swing does not allow you to do such things without intercepting the mouse-event.

Diagram Display

Allow for text-entries to be displayed with an entry

Compound Context confusing should allow for mutable

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