Resizing Entries

The library has basic support for resize entries with table cell editor is in edit mode. If the entry being resized has dependencies link to it these entries will also be resized.

This can be done either by using the Cell Editor functionality or an Editing Drawing tool

With the Cell Editor

There are two steps to installing the cell editor:
  • Installing the Table cell editor
  • Specifying the axis to be edited
  • Speciying the way the axis will be edited
Note: Installing the Table Cell Editor will not be neccesary if you are contructing your Gantt Chart via Arrays in the GanttTable contructor.

The current functionality will allow you to:
  • Move an entry
  • Resize an entry left
  • Resize an entry right

Dragging Left

if you wish to move an entry click on the left of the entry and hold the cursor will now change you can now resize the entry to the left.

Dragging Right

If you wish to move an entry click on the right of then entry and hold the cursor will change and you can now resize the entry to the left.

Moving an Entry

To move an entry click on it's center and then move the entry either left or right

Setting the Cell Editor

column.setCellEditor(table.getDefaultEditor(1, AbstractDrawingState.class));

Specifying the Axis


Specifying the Editing Mode

                    ContextResources.OTHER_PROPERTY,  EditorDrawingModule.MOVE_RESIZE_EDITOR);

This is all thats is required for the installation of the editor:
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