Drawing Context

The Drawing Context is a Map of all of the drawing configurations with-in the library.

It is possible to update the DrawingContext in order to change the default factory behavior behavior of the E-Gantt library.

Each of the properties with-in the Drawing Context is accesible for reads via the #get and for updates via the #set.
  • The get method requires a key and the class type as parameters
  • The set methods requires a key, class type and value as parameters

The default DrawingContext is accessible via calling table.getDrawingContext() each of the class parameters is defined in the interace ContextResources.java.

DrawingContext context = table.getDrawingContext();
BasicCompoundContext gc = (BasicCompoundContext) context.get(CalendarDrawingModule.TIMELINE_TOP + CalendarDrawingModule.TEXT_PAINTER, ContextResources.GRAPHICS_CONTEXT);

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