Downloads of E-GANTT are hosted on, sourceforge's unique ability allows for the project to be hosted on multiple mirror sites and backup archives for all for archived releases.

The sourceforge download page is:

E_GANTT Is currently distributed as one package, the EGANTT-xx.xx.xx.ZIP file you will be downloading contains everything that one needs to recompile build and deploy applications using E-GANTT.

Current Versions

E-GANTT is distributed in ZIP-FILE format the contents of this package are as follows:
  • ANT + Build Script
  • Compiled version of E-GANTT
  • Generated Java Docs
  • Source code to compile E-GANTT
  • Source code to E-GANTT Tutorials

E-GANTT 0.5.3 (TBA)

- Fix to the Tooltip support with example, didn't anyone notice?
- Support for resizing the scroll pane new methods
- Multi-entry example now supports summary layers
- Fixes to the EntryHelpers (they are no longer singletons)

E-GANTT 0.5.2 (2006-25-MAR)

- Fix to Drawing tool to determine width of entry
- Introduction of GlassPane / Acetate layer for tools
- Inclusive of new Demo for Modifiying Drawing Context
- New example of Text on Diagrams (Layering Example)
- New Example of Multi-Entry examples

E-GANTT 0.5.1(2006-19-FEB)

- Fixes to the Entry Linking support to support anyway you click
- New tool for Diagram Editing does not require Cell Editor

E-GANTT 0.5.0(2006-15-FEB)

- Re-release due to bugs in 0.4.9
- Color change demo, which shows off the start of the new tools framework
- Basic example showing mouse generation of entry links.


- Enhanced to Diagram Editing support
- Context Menu support for finding entry under the cursor
- Set options set on the Drawing Part to allow programmatic change of the Visualisation

E-GANTT 0.4.8(2006-02-FEB)

- New Drawing Modules
- Automatic Entry Linking support
- Updated build files
- Diagram Editing support - significant improvements

E-GANTT 0.4.7 (2006-28-JAN)

- Improvements to the Timeline header
- New entry types Activity, Milestone
- Generic Color Contexts to make it easier to change entry colours for beginners.

E-GANTT 0.4.6 (2006-17-JAN)

- Complete re-write of external API allowing E-GANTT to be easy to use
- Brand new documentation on the new API on the website

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