Shift Entries

Shift Entries are used to represent a collection of other tasks, shift entries are designed to listen to display the aggregation of a set of tasks.
With-in E-Gantt a single Shift Entry can monitor a collection of DrawingStates or a collection of DrawingParts

Creating a shift entry from a DrawingState

A shift entry can be made of many drawing states, it is not neccesary for the DrawingState to be included in the table but it will usually be the case that it is.

Simply put the Shift Entry just requires a list of other entry types, these types could even be Shift Entries themselves.

ArrayList entries = new ArrayList();
DrawingState state = GanttEntryHelper.createActivityEntry(new Date(0), new Date(100))
DrawingState entry = GanttEntryHelper.createShiftEntry(entries);

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